Through the Prayers of Our Holy Fathers

Remove not the ancient landmark,

which thy fathers have set.1 

On this Sunday of the Holy Forefathers,2 I cannot help but lament: we live in a patricidal age. We remove the ancient landmarks and remember neither our fathers who set them nor why they did so. 

Like nihilists, we unset all their old stones and erect new monuments—no, temples—in the name of Novelty itself. (Forgive us, fathers; we know not what we do!)

But some of us even now have stumbled upon a more ancient way, and so with awe enter into unceasing prayers of the ages. 

Thus with hearts grateful from our discovery, we humbly ask:

Through the prayers of our Holy Fathers,

O Lord, Jesus Christ our God, 

Have mercy on us and save us.3


1. Proverbs 22:28 KJV

2. Today (Sunday, December 11, 2022), the Orthodox Church celebrates the Sunday of the Holy Forefathers.

3. This prayer is found throughout the Tradition of the Orthodox Church, including (far as I can tell) all of its services. 

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