Evening Prayer of Examen

Take ten slow, deep breaths


Holy Spirit, I welcome you.

Help me become aware of your Presence.

And as I reflect on the events of the day, 

I ask for clarity and understanding

Of how you were at work today.


What am I especially grateful for in the past day? 


O God, as I review my day, I ask for the light to know you and to know myself as you see me. 


Where have I felt true joy today?

What has troubled me today?

What has challenged me today?

Where and when have I paused today?

Have I noticed God’s presence in any of this?

Are there any wrongdoings I need to confess before God?

What is something I sense God is teaching or reminding me?


In light of my review, what is my response to the Presence and activity of God in my life?

A Look Ahead

As I look ahead to tomorrow, what comes to mind?

With what posture of heart do I want to enter tomorrow?

Closing Prayer

Lord Jesus, fill me with your peace as I lie down and sleep. 

Grant me an awareness of your Presence

And remind me that nothing can separate me from your love. 


Referenced Sources

Jesuit Resource – Jesuit A-z – Daily Examen 

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